In August 2005 five kittens were born in the Cattery TNT Purrfect two silver tabby and white, a black smoke and white, a brown tabby and white, and a blue and white pet. Three girls and two boys!!! Who would have thought that all 5 kittens would make it but they did.  As the litter grew it was obvious to Diana that Dazzle was the pick of the litter.  Diana decided to give this special girl to people that she thought would always love her.  The people had asked for a show kitty from Diana many times, they lived near her, they didn't really have a lot of money but planned to help Diana with her cattery to be able to have Dazzle.  Diana felt they would be taken by her beauty and would enjoy showing her.  They did just that and Dazzle did well in the show halls.  She made it to a CFA Regional Kitten Win in the South West Region of CFA.  She went on to become a CFA GC.  That is when things changed for Dazzle. 


The people that Diana trusted with this special girl brought her back to Diana to be bred.  The picture of their love for Dazzle soon became very clear.  They loved the winning but after they took her back to Diana for breeding they didn't keep in touch with her.  They didn't come by to visit, they didn't call about her, they didn't even send an email to check on her.  Months and month went by with no communication from these people.   The mistake of Dazzle going to live with these people became obvious to Diana. 


Finally Dazzle cycled and was bred.   During the pregnancy Dazzle developed a mass on one of her breasts.  Dazzle was seen by Diana's vet about the mass while she was pregnant.  The decision to not do surgery until the after the litter had been delivered was made.  When Dazzle had her litter the mass got much worse, of course it was on the weekend, and she ended up in an emergency hospital needing a blood transfusion and surgery to save her life.  The life saving blood was transfused into Dazzle, her color got better, and the surgery was done.  She came home to Diana's and continued to get better.  One kitten had survived and continued to grow by hand feeding.  Diana drove 14 hours one way to deliver this tiny 2 week old kitten to her daughter Tonya.  Tonya lives in CO but had the time to hand feed the baby.  Dazzle got better, her incision healed, and she was once again back to her fun loving self.  In order to get Dazzle's papers back from the people that Diana had given her to she had to pay $2,000 to these people.  The vet bills  were over $3,500 but Dazzle was better and now officially belonged to Diana.  Dazzle now was GC RW TNT Purrfect Dazzle Me with only one owner DIANA. 


Now what was Diana going to do with Dazzle????  She didn't need her for her breeding program, she could possibly sell her, but her friend Tina needed an out cross girl for her silver tabby breeding program.  Tina had been going through a very bad time because some weeks earlier her husband Peter left her.  As much as Tina wanted Dazzle, she had no money to say here I will just pay and you send her to me.  The money was not an issue for Diana and she made the decision that Dazzle would go on a long trip to Germany to her forever home with Tina as a gift.  Tina couldn't believe it would ever happen.  All that she could do was to hope that Diana was honest and that she would do what she said she would do. How could Tina let herself believe that a person, that she had never met, was going to send her a GC RW CFA kitty and pay for all to be done.  Each time when Tina turned her computer on she felt that maybe there would be a message from Diana.  That she would say I'm sorry Tina I just can't do it.  Maybe this time someone with money would want to buy her and Diana would sell her, maybe this time the dream for Tina would end!!!  All that Tina could do was see it written in instant messages from Diana over and over and have faith. For Diana there  was the CFA show season to be over, Diana's daughter needed help with a problem, but still Diana said it would happen.  She just said wait Tina till the season is over and I will get her to you. 


Humm the show season was over and there was an appointment made for a rabies vaccination - OH GOOD this is a good sign Tina thought!

A health screen, a microchip was injected, and she had a booster on her vaccinations, and Tina smiled and felt that maybe the dream was going to happen just maybe the wait will all be worth it.  As the days got closer the excitement got stronger but the believe also got stronger!
Time went by and people were contacted at the LAX airport to arrange the shipping of Dazzle to Tina.  Diana complained and complained about the paper work, the time off of work, the drive to LAX, the change in the day that the people would ship her. Oh my Diana complained but all the time she complained she kept on going, kept on making the plans for the dream of Dazzle to fly off to her new home in Germany. 


Finally the day came.  Thursday the 7th of June Diana got up very early in the AM in Arizona to make the long trip to LAX.  She made plans to meet her friend Sharon Rogers, who knew the way to the airport, in Ontario CA.  Sharon was there waiting and the two of them went off to LAX to meet the people that would make sure that Dazzle got on her flight and would make it to her new home with Tina.  So it is with trust, faith, love, and MUCH patience that I can say my dream has come true and now Dazzle will live here with me in her new FOREVER HOME - Cattery Roggenstein!

Thank you so much my friend Diana for this beautiful Kitty and your wonderful friendship! I love You!!!