CFA CH + Int. Ch. Roggenstein's Spice Girl

Registration-No.: 1159-1755925
Born:: 17. MAY 2012 Owner:          Heigl, Tina
Color: Silver Patched Tabby & White Harlequin         

(DNA Agouti Aa)

Breeder:        Heigl Tina
Breed: Persian Test:              Parents/Grandparents PKD DNA negative, FIV + FELV negative         
Sex: female Chip-No.:      

CFA GC, RW + World Ch. + TICA SGC TNT Purrfect Precious Metal


CFA CH Day Oh Chances R. of TNT Purrfect
CFA CH Wishstar Impact of Day Oh
Black-White Van
CFA CH Joyville's Catnip of Parti Wai
Black-White Van
CFA CH Wishstar Parchwork Quilt
Purrfectgems Whiteout
CFA GC Purrfectgems Elusive Gene
Black-White Van
Maraul's Ginger of Purrfectgems
TNT Purrfect Pretty as a Picture,DM
Blue-White Van Smoke
CFA GC ,GP TNT Purrfect Scamp
CFA CH Charlotscat Camelot of TNT Purrfect
C.E. White
CFA GC TNT Purrfect Cinderella, DM
Brown-Patched-Tabby-White Van
CFA GC Catchance Liberty of TNT Purrfect
Dilute Calico
CFA GC Catchance Zaccaeus,RW
Blue Mackerel Tabby-White
CFA CH Catillak Count UR Blessings
CFA CH + Gr. Int. Ch. Roggenstein's Fire Fly

Red-Tabby-White mc.

CFA CH + GIC  Roggenstein's Hot Spot
Red-Tabby-White mackerel
CFA CH + GEC Ginger Bears Bonny Surprise
Cameo Tabby
CFA CH Summernight's Madock
CFA CH El Abisai's Princess Heavenly Dream
Silver-Patched mackerel
CFA CH + GIC Vibrations Joleene of Roggenstein
Brown Patched Tabby White mackerel
CFA CH  Wattkatz Crush of Vibrations
Vibrations Lisa Marie
Blue-Tabby White MC
CFA CH + IC Pouncingpaws Colors On Parade
Blue-Silver-Patched-Tabby-White classic

CFA GC Joleigh P.T. Cruz'r of Pouncingpaws, RW
Silver-Tabby classic
CFA GC Joleigh's Cruz'n For Chicks
Silver-Tabby classic
Joleigh's Black Sheep
CFA CH Pouncingpaws Miss Independant                      Blue-Silver-Patched-Tabby-White classic
CFA GC Kissables A Friend Like Terry
Red-Tabby-White Van
CFA CH Pouncingpaws Silver Slippers
Silver-Tabby classic